Oswego Police Department
169 West 2nd Street
Oswego, NY 13126

(315) 342-8122 Police Chief Tory L. DeCaire
(315) 342 - 8132 Traffic Violations Bureau
Fax: (315) 342 - 8161
Emergency Phone Numbers: 911 or Oswego Police 343 - 1212
Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM
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The Traffic Department is responsible for the following:

  • Maintain the City Traffic Control Devices (Signals, Signs, Markings, Guide Rail)
  • Direct Operations of Traffic Violations Bureau which processes parking tickets and towing fees
  • Maintain Traffic Records on Traffic Advisory Issues, Accidents, Traffic Counts etc.
The Traffic Section is a unit of Municipal Government primarily charged with moving traffic safely from one point to another within the City of Oswego. To accomplish this task, the office staff of the Section works closely with the Mayor's Office, Common Council, Traffic Advisory Committee, Police, Fire, D.P.W., Engineering, and other City Agencies. Our office at the McCrobie Building monitors such items as:
  • Traffic accidents - their locations, type severity
  • Traffic volumes - noting increases and decreases on various roads and intersections
  • Upcoming construction projects and necessary detours
  • Changes in volumes created by major traffic generators such as Alcan, S.U.C.O., Nine-mile, Port Authority, etc.
  • An inventory and work history of all Traffic Control devices.
     To implement or change any regulations or control devices to accomplish the above tasks, the Traffic Section has a field staff which installs, maintains or removes the 42 traffic signal devices and the 6,000 traffic signs within the City limits. Additionally, they install and maintain the miles of pavement markings and guiderails which safely keep motorists on the proper course while driving. The field staff is also responsible for properly closing streets for both events and emergencies and operating the City tow trucks , removing vehicles not only for the winter parking ban but for other times of the year as well, including all impunds by the Oswego Police and abandones vehicles. The field staff works closely with other field departments where traffic equipment is conducive to their operational needs. Traffic personnel install decorative flags, Christmas decorations, flower baskets, etc. The Traffic Section operates the City's sign shop at Fort Ontario which produces all of the City's signs both for Traffic Control as well as general purpose signage (e.g. building-indoor and outdoor and park signs, etc.) The sign shop's capabilities range from a signle hand-painted sign to mass produced signage such as parade route no parking signs.

    The Traffic Section is also in charge of the Traffic Violations Bureau located in the main lobby of the Conway Municipal Building. This Agency is responsible for collecting fines on the 6,000 to 8,000 parking tickets issued each and every year in the City of Oswego. Annual income handled by the Traffic Violations Bureau is approximately $100,000 generated from parking fines and towing charges. The operational budget of the entire Traffic Section is approximately $440,000.


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